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State Junior High School 1 Nglegok Blitar East Java

Reading plays a very essential role in the context of the teaching of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in Junior High School. In fact, it is a major skill that students should master before they graduate from the school because the test items in the National Final Examination are mostly testing the students’ reading skill. Then, providing them with a reading skill becomes a big deal. Consequently, the teaching and learning of English in classes should be devoted very much for students to develop this receptive skill. Teachers , that is why, should provide students with variety reading strategies to apply so that they can attack the presented texts into their comprehension in relatively shorter time. This paper offers a reading strategy to help students comprehend texts by using “Venn Diagram”. Venn diagram helps students find “compare and contrast” in texts by recognizing signal words or phrases refering to both of them in comparing two or more things. Further, Venn diagram enables students to cope with HOT ( High Order Thinking )- based questions. When students can classify which information refering to compare or contrast , or even can make conclusion based on the classification, automatically they conprehend text.

Keywords: Veen diagram, Reading