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Widyana At Taufik 1), Suhartono 2)

University of Nusantara PGRI Kediri 1), 2)

Writing is process to explore the idea into written form and can be understood by the reader. It is also one of language skills that make the students got difficulties. Some aspects of writing, determining the main idea and supporting sentence was needed to be understood. An outline could be used to solve the problem. The research aimed to know the effectiveness of using outline in writing descriptive text. The research method was quantitative research by using experimental research. The sample of the research was tenth grade students. To collect and analyze the data, the researcher used written test in the form of essay, scoring rubric of writing and t-test formula. Based on the research finding, the result of pre-test and post-test was different. The mean score of pre-test was 63.08. The mean score of post-test was 78.9. The pre-test score was lower than post-test score. Based on the data, t-score was 14.91 and t-table was 2.042 at level of significance 5%. Therefore, an alternative hypothesis (Ha) was accepted and a null hypothesis (Ho) was rejected. Thus it can be concluded that outline activity is effective toward the students’ writing ability in descriptive text.

Keywords: writing, descriptive text, an outline