Posted on: June 30, 2018, by : admin

Ummy Khoirunisya’ Masyhudianti

Graduate Student, Sebelas Maret University

The increasing of educational technology in ELT compels the educator to undergo a transformation in this 21st century era in which the students are categorized as digital native people. Regarding to that case, teachers must use an innovative method in the learning process to attract students’ interest and motivation especially in teaching writing as it is regarded as the most difficult skill in English. Flipped classroom is one of teaching methods that can be used in teaching writing. It requires student to watch the video in a tool of learning before coming to the class, and teachers to maximize the use of class sessions for example steering students through assignments, problem-solving, group discussions, and interactive classroom activities. It is a qualitative study aimed to investigate the students’ perception about flipped classroom in writing class by using purposive sampling technique. Ten students from one of University in Indonesia were selected to participate in this study based on their experience through flipped classroom in writing class. The data were collected using interview and questionnaire. The finding revealed that the participants have positive perceptions which were obtained by the use of flipped classroom in writing class. They were categorized in the term of flexibility, feedback, students prior knowledge, efficiently use of time, community, and autonomous learning. Another finding was about the problems occurred in the learning process including internet connection, difficulty in understanding the video, and the lack of giving a score. Ultimately, this finding can give the contribution to the development of teaching writing and technology of ELT especially in Indonesia.

Key Words: Flipped classroom, Students’ perception, Writing