Posted on: June 30, 2018, by : admin

Wildha Rosidah

University Islam of Malang

English as international language has became the most important language to learn for everyone. Not only English Department students who must master English but also all students have to master it. Learning English is beneficial for them in the job areas. However, not all students other than English major students are willing to learn English. They face some obstacle in learning English.This case arises some question whether ESP students need to learn English for their future or just learn it as the regulations to graduate from their school. This study focuses on ESP learners’ perceptions of English as international language and in what aspects learners are willing to learn English. Students of religious faculty participate in the semi-structured interview using audio-recorder. The qualitative descriptive is used to analyze the data by interpreting the data. The result is expected to answer the learner’s perceptions of English and why they need to learn English.

Keywords:English as international language, and English needs, ESP, ESP learners