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Yepi Sedya Purwananti

STKIP PGRI Tulungagung

Millennial Generation, also known as Generation Z, Millennials or KIDS JAMAN NOW is considered as individuals who reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century. They are considered as EMAS (Energetic, Multitalented, Active, and Spiritual) generation. They are the future of Indonesian generation that must be prepared through education. It is a big challenge for English teachers as those persons have unique characters: their life cannot be separated from gadget, especially smart phone, and they use this gadget for various reasons. Moreover, they trust User Generated Content (UGC) more than one way information. Realizing the facts, the teachers must adapt the ways of teaching. They have to prepare this generation in order to have not only academic competence, but also ability to learn, adapt, and innovate. This paper is intended to discuss and share ideas the characteristics of innovative teaching, how to develop materials to teach English for millennial generation, and roles of the English teachers. The characteristics of innovative teaching English cover the goal, providing the exposures how the materials are used in real context, giving various learning activities, and IT-based teaching. Furthermore, teachers must understand the principles and the procedures of developing material. Finally, the teachers have some roles to give inspiration to the students, facilitate their learning, and to be models on how English is used in digital era.

Keywords: Innovative teaching, Millennial generation, Materials Development